Turning Point

One weekend day, while I was going to church at the entrance of the church gate, I noticed a little girl barefoot and dirty, she was watching all the people indifferently going by she was silent and did not say a word. Everybody just passed by and did not pay any attention to her. The very next week I decided to go back to that church and clear up if the girl was still there. She was right there in the same spot as yesterday, sadly looking around. I felt that I am worried about her alone. I started approaching her and suddenly noticed that the girl's back was oddly deformed. A thought crossed my mind that maybe this was the reason why everyone was avoiding her and did not try to help. I got closer and smiled to let her know that I was there to talk, to help. I started with “Hello” and then sat down near her. The girl was very surprised, however, after a long stare into my eyes, she replied "Hi". We talked and talked, so many hours passed by and darkness came. The church became silent and empty. Then I carefully asked the little girl, why she was so sorrowful and lonesome. "I am different, that's why” – was her reply. I agreed with her and smiled "Yes, you are", and then I continued "you remind of an angel, pure and sweet". She slowly got to her feet and smiled "Really?" I confirmed that she looks to me like a little Guardian Angel to watch all the people going by. To my surprise, she nodded her head and admitted "I am, I am your Guardian Angel", then she spread her wings. I was so amazed, that I couldn't say a word. After a moment she explained, "Think of someone other than yourself – that was the purpose of my job here". Then I got to my feet and asked: "Why nobody stopped to help you?" "Because only you could see me", was her answer and then she was gone.

- Now Gabriel Angel Born...

Our Vision

We provide quality school education for our students, to develop their potential to the full and to prepare them for the challenges in life.

Leadership and excellence in delivering quality health care services.

Our Mission

We deliver professional services and ensure effective use of resources.

We forge partnerships to promote excellence in school education.

Demonstrate national leadership in providing high value health care and delivering excellent clinical quality, patient safety, and service

Advance the frontiers of medicine and science through a major ongoing commitment to biomedical research and medical education

Our Objectives

The main objectives of the Trust are "Generation of self-employment, Rural women empowerment, natural resource management, environmental protection, Medical health Care and sanitation.